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victorVICTOR-J KRAATZ: Dean Kotopski and his team at PERFORMAX HEALTH GROUP, with their invaluable expertise have helped me with the analysis, recovery and prevention from injuries.

Denis Kang professional MMA and UFC Fighter seeks Performax Physiotherapy in Burnaby for sports injuries. Burnaby's leading Massage Therapy clinic and Naturopathic clinic is Performax on KingswayDENIS KANG: I started working with Dean in 2007 and since then have made huge improvements with my hip and knee. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for professional and effective therapy.

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Case Management

The most effective treatment is one that is coordinated. It can be difficult to make sure every treatment provider is on the same track. The Case Manager will communicate with all treatment providers, the patient and the physician to keep everyone working together. This also allows the patient to be part of their own recovery and feel they are part of the process. The Case Manager will conduct regular assessments and provide updated reports to the insurance company, lawyer or physician as needed. Part of this may also be pain education sessions if needed.

Return to Work Planning: When an individual has been off work for more than a few months, returning to work can be a difficult process. It is often necessary to set up accommodations or a graduated return to work. Once the patient has improved through treatment, we offer return to work planning services. We will obtain physician approval and support to set up a graduated return to work. We will work with the patient, physician and employer to set up a safe return to work at the earliest stage of recovery.